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Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (March 2013)


Appendix 1 Agreement in Principle

Appendix 2 Adelstein Conservation Easement

Appendix 3 Socioeconomic and Fiscal Conditions and Effects

Appendix 4 Growth Inducing and Secondary Impacts

Appendix 5 Part 1 of 2 – Fiscal and Marketing

Appendix 5 Part 2 of 2 – Fiscal and Marketing

Appendix 6 Ulster and Delaware County Project Support Resolutions

Appendix 7 DRBC Application

Appendix 8 Article 15 Permit Application

Appendix 9 Water Supply Application

Appendix 10 Individual Stormwater Permit Application

Appendix 11 Traffic Impact Study

Appendix 12 Supplemental Cultural Resource with NYSOPRH Letters

Appendix 13 Water System Preliminary Design Report

Appendix 13A Well Testing Data Logger Files

Appendix 14 USACOE Updated Delineation Report & Jurisdictional Determination Request

Appendix 15 Organic Golf Course Managment Plan

Appendix 16 Preliminary Wastewater Design Report

Appendix 17 Irrigation Wells Test Report

Appendix 18 Stormwater Managment Design Report

Appendix 19 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

Appendix 20 Noise Assessment

Appendix 21 Invasive Species Control Plan

Appendix 22 Water Budget Analysis

Appendix 23 Wildlife Survey Report with NYNHP Letter

Appendix 24 Air Quality Assessment

Appendix 25 Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix 26 Traffic Noise Impact Assessment

Appendix 27 Service Provider Responses

Appendix 28 Climate Change and Carbon Footprint

Appendix 29 SEQRA Documentation

Site Plans

Water and Wasterwater Plans

Proposed DEC Mitigation Conditions 4-5-13