Sustainable by Nature

The LA Group is a strong advocate of environmentally sensitive design and always works to strike a balance between program goals and the natural site. We have specialized expertise in all phases of natural resource compliance including SEQRA, NEPA, Clean Water Act, cultural resource protection rules, federal wetland regulations, and storm water management regulations.

We are an accomplished authority in green infrastructure and stormwater management and have significant experience creating project-specific, regional and large-scale environmental impact statements and visual impact assessments.



Bio Building at The Wild Center, Tupper Lake, NY

The wonder of Niagara Falls.

“The Kaplan Hall project symbolizes our hopes to create a College-wide culture of environmental stewardship.”

– Kirsten Gabrielsen, Sustainability Coordinator, SUNY Orange

“The LA Group’s experience and exposure to various design and planning scenarios as well as construction techniques, enable them to deliver the best solutions that exactly meet the needs of each situation.”

– Mary E. Brown, United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service