Sacandaga Whitewater Park Project Underway

Sacandaga Whitewater Park Project Underway
Sacandaga River, NY

The Sacandaga Whitewater Park project involves the careful placement of hundreds of boulders placed on the floor of the Sacandaga River in a configuration that creates special wave effects on the water’s surface. The wave-making park is designed by the McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group, based in Denver.

The LA Group prepared the wide array of required approvals, licenses and permits that would allow the project to go forward. These included securing permits from the Adirondack Park Agency, NYSDEC and ACOE, an underwater license with NYS Office of General Services, and negotiating a land lease with National Grid for use of the shoreline.

In addition, The LA Group applied for funding for this $400K project through the Warren County’s First Wilderness Heritage Corridor economic development initiative, an inter-municipal revitalization strategy for the nine communities along the Upper Hudson River corridor and adjacent Delaware and Hudson rail line in Saratoga and Warren counties.

A $200K grant was awarded for the project.

Tracy Clothier, AICP CEP, Senior Planner from The LA Group notes, “This project has the capacity to be the spark to ignite economic development in this beautiful region.”

The LA Group is currently developing key marketing materials to assist in obtaining the required funds to match this grant. This involves identifying potential public and private sources of funding, developing news releases, and creating a marketing flier and dedicated Facebook page. These efforts will inform the large international community of adventure sports enthusiasts.


site plan cropped

Site Plan by The LA Group


View of Kayakers in the Sacandaga River from Scenic Train (image provided by Warren County, NY)


Freestyle Kayakers on Wave Park in Green River in NY, (image provided by McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group)

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