Darrell L. Meehl, RLA, ASLA

Principal, Landscape Architect

Darrell L. Meehl, Principal, Landscape Architect at The LA Group.

“We all need that humbling moment sitting on a mountain top, gazing off into the vastness of what lies ahead. I find mine with every visit to Acadia National Park.”


Professional Experience

Darrell Meehl has over 38 years of experience in all phases of site design as well as construction administration. As a Principal and Director of Government Client Services, he oversees the firm’s Department of Veterans Affairs and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers projects. Throughout his career, he has managed the successful completion of many projects, from national cemeteries to campus design, as well as housing and urban design. Darrell has worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs since 1994 and the Army Corp of Engineers since 2005 and has extensive knowledge of the requirements and guidelines of these and other federal agencies.

Favorite Place

My favorite place is Acadia National Park in Maine. As a place where the mountains rise up above the ocean, it evokes a sense of how powerful nature is in our lives. It is definitely humbling when you sit on the mountain tops and gaze off into the vastness of the ocean. It never ceases to amaze me how thousands of people traveling on man-made roadways, trails and carriage roads can co-exist with one of nature’s greatest works.


Education, Registrations, and Certifications

  • BS, 1984 – Ohio State University
  • Registered Landscape Architect: New York, Michigan, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, and Massachusetts
  • American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
  • Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)