Congratulations to Business Office Staff Celebrating 20+ Years with the Firm!

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Congratulations to Business Office Staff Celebrating 20+ Years with the Firm!


Lucy Skaradosky (Accounting, 21 years), Heather Fisher (Administration, 21 years), and Matt Sterling (CFO, 20 years), reflect on tenure beginning in 1998-1999:


“I remember enjoying visiting the Saratoga Racecourse with the entire office over the years. It’s amazing how both the city and office have grown, and Saratoga Springs is such a hot spot and has so much to offer. I also enjoyed the times the whole staff got on a shuttle bus and visited various project sites in and around Saratoga. It’s fun to see completed projects up close.”
Lucy Skaradosky


“My favorite part of leading the front office and being the first point of access is the daily diversity of projects, every day is different. I also like knowing so many clients on a first name basis and that they’ve also become friends over the years.” — Heather Fisher


“What’s my greatest memory? There are a lot of them. The people I have worked with over the last 20 years and the projects the office has worked on that have garnered both local and national attention. I’ve watched Saratoga change and grow and it’s really nice to know that The LA Group played a major role in local development. And, also nationally, when I travel to other states, I always like to point out to my wife a VA national cemetery or NPS project we worked on. The business office is responsible not only for billing clients and paying bills and all that is involved with that, but for human resources, building operations and whatever else that comes along that does not fit within the studios. It is a great place to work and I have really enjoyed the last 20 years!” — Matt Sterling

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