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Geographic Information Systems technology has changed the way government agencies, communities and private firms deal with spatial information. A fully-developed GIS can analyze data to undertake a wide range of evaluations, measurements, comparisons and simulations, and display them in both graphical and statistical form. For over 21 years, The LA Group has utilized ESRI’s ARC/INFO workstation and ArcGIS software, the most complete set of tools for undertaking comprehensive spatial analysis.

Our GIS services are provided by professionals with backgrounds in landscape architecture, planning and environmental studies. We are capable of designing and producing high quality maps in both hard copy and digital format for site planning, site analysis, resource management and community planning.

The interdisciplinary nature of The LA Group, combined with our use of these powerful and flexible tools, allows us to take on a diverse range of planning and design problems, and develop creative solutions to meet specific client needs.

Capabilities Include:





“Thanks to The LA Group and their thoughtful development process, people visiting our park feel invested and connected to its amenities as a direct result of seeing their input reflected in the design. Ultimately, the design is unlike any other in our region.”

– John Hirliman, Saratoga Springs Recreation Department

“The LA Group was chosen because it was going to be a demanding job, an assignment that could only be filled by those that fully understand the inner processes of those whom they work for.”

– Equicurean Magazine (2010)