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Draft Environmental Impact Statement (November 2003)


Appendix 1 SEQRA Documentation

Appendix 2 NYSDEC Permit Applications

Appendix 3 Recreational Amenities Plan

Appendix 4 Wilderness Activity Center Program

Appendix 4A Draft Covenants Highmount Estates

Appendix 5 Study of Catskill Architecture

Appendix 6 Letters of Record

Appendix 7 Water Supply Report

Appendix 8 Conceptual Design Reports for Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

Appendix 9 Construction Phase Stormwater Quantity Management Plan

Appendix 9A Operational Phase Stormwater Quantity Management Plan

Appendix 10 Construction Phase Stormwater Quantity Management Plan

Appendix 10A Operational Phase Stormwater Quantity Management Plan

Appendix 11 Draft Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

Appendix 12 Soil Test Results

Appendix 13 Big Indian Resort and Spa Recommendations for Landscaping on Elevated Structures

Appendix 14 Integrated Turf Management Plan

Appendix 15 Fertilizer and Pesticide Risk Assessment

Appendix 16 Treated Wastewater for Golf Course Irrigation

Appendix 17 Wetland Delineation Report

Appendix 17A Federal Wetland Pre-Construction Notification (PCN)

Appendix 17B Supplemental PCN Information

Appendix 18 Water Quality Data with Addendums

Appendix 19 Surface Water and Groundwater Assessment Big Indian Plateau

Appendix 19A Water Budget Analysis – Wildacres

Appendix 20 Bird, Reptile and Amphibian Surveys with Addendum

Appendix 21 Visual Impact Study

Appendix 22 Sound Impact Study

Appendix 22A Air Quality Assessment of Construction Activities

Appendix 23 Cultural Resources with Addendum

Appendix 24 Bridge Hydraulics

Appendix 25 Traffic Impact Study with Addendum

Appendix 26 Economic Benefit and Growth Inducing Effects

Appendix 27 Fiscal and Marketing Information with Addendum

Appendix 28 Local Surveys and Letters of Support

Appendix 29 Shandaken Town Board Documents

Appendix 30 Consultant’s Qualifications

Big Indian Wastewater Plans

Big Indian Water Plans

Project Site Plans

Wildacres Wastewater Plans

Wildacres Water Plans