Respect and Results

The LA Group is consistently noted for our strong work ethic, positive attitude and collaborative approach to problem solving. We keep details in order and projects on track, always delivering a straight story about our winding paths. Our reputation for excellence precedes us up mountain peaks, across campuses and down historic main streets as we design places of prestige that create or enhance cityscapes, waterfronts, campuses, and regional and national landmarks.

We also take fun seriously; from a perfect day at your favorite resort to a record drive on a historic golf course and a game of Frisbee on your campus green, our projects shape experiences that leave lasting impressions.

And when it comes to honoring those who have served in our armed forces, we stand proudly among the best landscape designers in the US, creating national cemeteries that bestow dignity and instill veneration.


Carousel in Congress Park, Saratoga Springs, NY


Practical creativity keeps projects on track.

"The LA Group has a clear understanding of the importance of deadlines, budgets, schedules, plans and specifications; are able to meet project challenges with new insights and out of the box solutions; are able to produce detailed, readable, concise and well thought out graphic sketches, construction documents and specifications; are efficient at navigating the environmental permitting processes for many states; and are effective and responsive communicators."

– Mary E. Brown, United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service